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Welcome to the Gang's Camp


We are the Old West Living History Organization Of Traveling Shootists, O.W.L.H.O.O.T.S., also known as The Hole-in-the-Head Gang. We're an all volunteer group dedicated to perpetuating the Myths and Legends of the Old West and keeping the Cowboy Way alive. Bridging the gap between the 19th and the 21st Century by taking you back to the dime novel adventures, the Saturday morning TV Westerns and the 25 cent Saturday Movies at the Theater. Join us in the exciting trip back in time to a simpler, and more dangerous time! Yee Haw!! Let's git a'goin' !!

About the Hole-in-the-Head Gang

Come EXPOSE YOURSELF TO THE WEST! About four times a year we do an "Old West Train Robbery" at the Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum, located in Parrish, FL, to help them raise donations for their operations and ongoing restorations to their rolling stock. Identify the Cowboys in the picture and tell one of our Marshals at the Train!! By the way, the Boys ARE facing West!! Check our web links for the Museum Schedule and check out our Upcoming Events page for our next appearance.


Pssst!! You can tell yer friends about our hideout! Coffee's always on and fellow saddle tramps are welcome at our campfire!